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Wood Bros Distilling Co.

The Craft Drink Company

A lot goes into Wood Bros' small batch single estate Vodka.

There's the English winter wheat that is grown on their farm in the sweeping Oxfordshire countryside. There's the distillery, the complex equipment, the intricate process. Then there's the namesake themselves - brothers Ed and Charlie. Their skills and expertise were honed on farms and in distilleries here and abroad. All that graft, passion, imagination and care - poured in and blended together for enjoyment all around!

As a primarily vodka distillery, the base spirit is vital, and that is why they do it all themselves. The grain comes from local wheat fields, and it is milled on the brothers’ farm into a flour before being distilled. This allows a subtlety, depth and smoothness in flavour that is unparalleled, and allows a great emphasis to be placed on locality.

Download full tasting notes for this exceptional spirit here.

The Craft Drink Company

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